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CEO’s Message

Mansoor Juma Bu Osaiba
CEO – Nedaa Corporation

It is with great pleasure that we present you with this page portraying Nedaa, a corporation derived from Dubai’s success and excellence. Dubai has definitely achieved cohesive development in the past few decades in line with the modern accurate strategy of the wise political leadership. Nedaa operates an advanced telecommunication infrastructure that is efficient, reliable and most importantly up to date with the latest technologies.

Nedaa - Professional communication corporation was established to work closely with other telecommunications providers. Nedaa however is characterized by its wide range of services in professional telecommunication in addition to other services offered to Government, semi-government and private institutions including a variety of telecommunication applications with unique advantages.

Since its inception in 2008, Nedaa has adopted the best managerial and operational practices in order to achieve highest standards in the world of communications. Nedaa is proud of its human resources caliber including the finest UAE national expertise. Nedaa formed qualified working groups to accomplish the tasks in hand in an optimum Maner. The technical team possesses the know-how, professional and scientific capabilities that enable them to follow-up and develop services in the finest way. The technical team is supported by a management team keen to adopt the best management practices and render them to real work at reach of each and every customer.

Nedaa is proud of its great achievements. This becomes evident from the increase in the number of customers despite the company’s young age. Customers represent the goal and remain key to the corporation establishment. We extend our respect and appreciation to you, and promise to always provide you with the best, in line with strategic plans taking into account the technical and administrative aspects of products and services. We look forward to your satisfaction.

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