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Nedaa establishment & its work Nature

Nedaa  - Professional Communication Corporation launched its services following its foundation from its headquarters in Dubai. Nedaa services cover various parts of  northern emirates. The corporation managed to operate a professional network, in a very short period of time, providing telecommunication services to all specialised governmental, semi-governmental and private institutions aiming to be a leader in the field of telecommunications.

Nedaa Services and plans are in line with Dubai government’s strategic plan for 2015 as well as the preparation of qualified and reliable infrastructure to be able to deal effectively with different possible scenarios.

Nedaa is considered as a unique value add to the existing highly developed infrastructure distinguishing Dubai, thus meeting the ever growing demand for telecommunication services locally and adopting a planning approach supported by effective implementation whilst taking into consideration future expansion needs.

Nedaa employs elite of experts in the field of telecommunication with hundreds of years experience. It always strives to further improve and refine the skills of its employees as well as the efficiency of its technical infrastructure to ensure the best possible result through integration of both human and technical assets.

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