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Nedaa’s Experiment of Illusive Vacation of the Corporation Building Wednesday December 12, 2012

The Professional Communications Corporation – Nedaa – did an experiment of illusive vacation in case of emergency at the Corporation main building, in its headquarters, Al-Barsha. The experiment started at 10:00 am, on Wednesday morning, corresponding to 12/12/2012.

The experiment started with raising the alarms inside the Corporation building. The prior trained employees directed their companions quickly to the nearest exists and guided them to a gathering safe area specified previously conforming to the international safety standards. Meanwhile, the mechanisms and vehicles of the authorities involving in the experiment, including civil defense, ambulance, and police, began to reach the Corporation building successively to perform the tasks they are entrusted with in such accidents. After taking all procedures to make sure of safety of the building and its contents, the employees were allowed to enter the building and return to their offices.

In conclusion, His Excellency Saeed Bin Abid, the Corporation CEO, praised all authorities participated in achieving success of this experiment, including Directorate General of Civil Defense, Dubai Police, Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, rescue teams, and Idama, which is the strategic partner of the Corporation in the safety and security field, for such great cooperation and interaction which led to achieving high success rates of the experiment with respect to the time spent in such accidents. He finally confirmed how this cooperation between the government and private authorities according to Dubai Government Strategy of 2015 is very important.

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