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Nedaa Specialized Communications Participation in Dar Al Ber Charitable Events Thursday February 14, 2013

Dar Al-Ber Society received a financial contribution from the Specialized Communications Corporation “Nedaa” as a participation in its charitable projects and as a sponsorship of the feeding faster project organized by the Society in the State Emirates during the Holy Month. “Nedaa” involved with Dar Al-Ber because it is careful to embody the Islamic instructions and human and social mercy in the Holy Month of Ramadan. Hisham Ahmed Alzahrani, the Manager of Zakat and Seasonal Projects Department in Dar Al Ber Society, stated that the Society received the financial contribution from Nedaa Specialized Communications Corporation in Dubai for the charitable projects and feeding faster project which was prepared by Dar Al Ber inside United Arab Emirates within its seasonal campaign.

He also indicated that this contribution was given within a frame of the charitable and human cooperation between Nedaa Professional Communications Corporation and Dar Al Ber for the purpose of strengthening the charitable relationships for developing supplies of the Society projects between the both parties.

Rashid Al-Khayat, Director of Commercial Affairs Department of Nedaa Specialized Communications Corporation, also indicated that the Corporation is careful about the charitable and human cooperation with Dar Al-Ber projects as the Corporation is certain that the projects will be executed perfectly and with high quality, transparency, and following up. Nedaa cooperation will be followed by other charitable and seasonal projects hoping to extend the charitable and human relationships in all projects. Furthermore, “Nedaa” provides its technical services for fruitful cooperation in this respect.

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