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The Nedaa TETRA TRACKER is an Automatic Vehicle Location Management system that provides real time and historical information about vehicle location and movement the information is made available for users with web browsers, so no additional client applications are required The Tetra Tracker supports multiple location protocol, all common map materials and all major Tetra radios with built-in positioning capability. Professional organisation needs situation awareness to be able to lead their operations accurately and efficiently. The essential part of the awareness is knowledge of location and status of each patrol on the field, ability to deliver immediately commands to the right units and gathering situation updates from units. The Nedaa Tetra tracker is a field proven solution for automatic vehicle and personal location needs.


  • Real time vehicle location for web based clients.
  • Location histories.
  • Web based map from various sources are supported
  • Geo-coding, Reverse Geo-coding.
  • Geo-fences.
  • Messaging to/from units (encrypted messaging to radio clients).
  • OMA MLP interface for 3rd party GIS clients.
  • Automatic alerts (e.g. service maintenance, oil change) based on time or distance driven by vehicle.
  • Field proven and scalable solution.
  • Easy to use and can be localized to multiple language.

NEDAA TETRA Tracker features

1. User Authentication Fleet definition and team management: This allows splitting the units in groups, that can be viewed independently or given tracking access right to.

2. Unit search and selection to map or layer Unit location reporting management (permanent and temporary triggers). Single or group selection.

3. Messaging to units/groups Multiple map windows with free layout option for view zoom, centering and layer display /hide option

4. Layering units, POI’s, markers, user can define new layer. For each map window, the layers to be shown are selected Location markers (type, name, symbol, location), points, lines, ellipses, polygons, paths.

5. Closed objects (select an object on map, (unit, POI, marker), search the closest objects, filter by type and max distance). Will list objects close and their current distance. Distance measurement between 2 objects or locations. Can be an active window that is updated in real time. Possible to define minimum and maximum distance for alert.

6. Unit history on map for selected unit at selected time interval Unit control: select unit, allow change of reporting period now and temporary triggers. Shows the current location, speed and status attributes in real time.

7. Units window: Select a unit: a new map window opens that is constantly centered on the selected unit Search circle: Define a center point and speed of growing. The circle will start growing in the defined speed (shows the possible location area of a target).

8. Geo-coding and reverse geo-coding address search with coordinates, reverse address search

Geo-fence: Define a polygon on the map, define fence type: alarm when unit in, alarm when unit out, define units or select if unit gets the alarm of fence.

9. Geo-fence: Define a route, alarm when unit enters route, alarm when unit ends route, alarm when unit stops moving on route Reporting on unit statuses, unit movement etc.

10. Management of location forwarding (easily define list of targets, where the locations of specified units are forwarded to) Positioning gateway (OMA MLP interface for 3rd party clients).

The system is monitoring the covered distance of all vehicle based on the recorded route. The mileage estimate can generate events for the dispatcher. These events can be configured freely. An alert is generated as the specified events detected. Examples:

  • Oil change alert after X kilometers.
  • Maintenance service alert after Y kilometers.
  • Gear oil change after Z kilometers.

The alert will open until the dispatcher acknowledges it and the kilometer limit is reset for the specific

vehicle. The AVLS user can add new customs alerts and apply them to all vehicles or only part of the vehicles.

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