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Customer Services Management System and Call Center

The Customer Service Management System is just a start of quick attempt and strong will of the Nedaa Specialized Communications Corporation to be one of the most prominent corporations and developed leaderships which support development in Emirate of Dubai based on the visions of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice- President, Prime Minister, and Dubai Ruler, to be distinguished in the organizational work.

The Customer Service Management System is considered one of the world distinguished systems which are widely used around the world. It is a connective link between the customers and departments of the Corporation enabling this Corporation to increase rate of its customers’ satisfaction and the level of services provided to them. Nedaa Specialized Communications Corporation is careful to support its business systems by adopting such systems as a support of development in its process.

Nedaa Specialized Communications Corporation formed a team of the Customer Services Management System and set objectives thereof according to the Corporation strategic plans. In view of the forgoing, the Customer Services Management System Team specified the requirements and studies necessary for achieving the desired strategic objective of the Corporation.

To ensure the quality and maintain the Corporation high performance with respect to the Customer Services Management, Nedaa Specialized Communication Corporation technical team is concerned with approving modern and safe technology which is able to accommodate big amount of information of the customers and keep them safe and confidential. The technical team also has used all available techniques for supporting the Customer Services Management System. Thus, we can work in a professional and quick way. The System was designed in a way which enables it to receive reports, suggestions, and complaints of our honorable customers through modern communication systems which can accelerate the process of receiving reports and dealing with them efficiently and quickly. The customer can choose the best method for transmitting reports through the Customer Services Management System. He can send reports vial emails, call the Corporation Call Center, or send a message through the electronic fax specified for customer services.

The Customer Services Management has been supported by establishing a Call Center which receives through its employees all incoming calls and takes necessary procedures in connection with every call. To support Nedaa Specialized Communications Corporation visions through communication with its honorable customers, the services provided were simplified as the automatic answer was activated in Arabic and English languages. In addition, the System includes all options required by the public and honorable customers of the Corporation. The System staff was also supplied with SMS system through which the customers are notified of reports opening and closing. SMS system can be also made use of by the Commercial Department for showing the Corporation services.


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