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​CEO Message


State of United Arab Emirates

Grow with confident steps


Mansoor Juma Bu Osaiba

The UAE is fast tracked towards transforming itself as one of the world's most modern and advanced countries. Dubai, in particular, has embarke​d on an initiative towards transforming itself into being one of the first fully-fledged smart cities in the world. Under the vision of the country's wise leadership and through the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the emirate is gearing up with a Smart City project aimed at providing better connections and maximizing interaction and cooperation between the emirate and its residents.

In fact, as the whole country prepares to host Dubai Expo 2020, Nedaa, the sole and exclusive security network provider for the Government of Dubai, is all set to throw the spotlight on its eponymous brand of technology and expertise in integrated secure wireless communications and solutions to maintain the highest safety and security standards during the event. Truly showing the world what Nedaa can provide in the rapidly growing field of specialized telecommunications.

Nedaa has expressed its commitment in playing a significant role towards the emirate's continuing growth and development-- exploring, developing and rolling out new and advanced technologies in LTE and IoT, to help maintain higher public safety and security standards in our operations in the private and public sectors.

We understand the significance of mobile broadband data applications--especially in the field of public safety and security, which is why we have launched our very own Nedaa 4G network to help mission-critical situations and reinforce the country's move towards smart mobility and smart living.

Over the next period, we are all set to throw the spotlight on our eponymous brand of technology and expertise in integrated secure wireless communications and solutions to increase awareness on the importance of keeping to the highest public safety and security standards. Our products and services complement Dubai's strategic plan--we are on track in our roadmap towards development through our initiatives to set up plenary plans and potential scenarios for crises and catastrophes--offering a wide range of solutions and services. 

Mansoor Juma Bu Osaiba​

CEO of Nedaa

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